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all about crossfit

All About CrossFit

What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is a general physical training program that includes gymnastics, weightlifting, weight training, plyometrics, running, rowing and aiming projectiles.

CrossFit is a program built on constantly varying functional movements performed with high intensity.

CrossFit’s goal is the physical development of an athlete in ten areas, such as:

– The performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

– Endurance.

– Force.

– Flexibility.

– Power.

– Speed.

– Coordination.

– The speed of adaptation to changing loads.

– Balance.

– Accuracy.

Cross-training is used in the training of various power structures – from fire departments to special forces, as well as in the organization of the training process of professional sports organizations around the world. Why? Crossfit has proven its ability to produce tangible results in functional physical preparation and to solve a variety of problems posed by daily, sports or combat activities.

The main idea is the functional orientation of training and, as a result, their maximum diversity. Anyone who is set up for serious training can use CrossFit regardless of their initial training level. CrossFit is easily scalable to the capabilities of everyone.

CrossFit’s specialization is the rejection of any specialization. Martial arts, survival in extreme conditions, many sports, and life itself encourage a similar approach to fitness.

The steps taken on the path of physical development by Olympic athletes and older people differ in the degree of workload, and not in the type of program. Fighters of anti-terrorist units, skiers, climbers, and housewives chose CrossFit for themselves as the best fitness solution.

What attracts ordinary people to CrossFit?

– 1. Accessibility and flexibility of the system: what grandparents and children do, the same goes for elite athletes. It all depends on the degree of intensity and the needs of the body for the load.

– 2. The maximum effect in the minimum time:

– tighten the figure

– get rid of excess fat

– gain functional muscle mass

– 3. Functionality: no isolated exercises and expensive stupid exercise

machines. Most of the complexes can be carried out even on the street.

– 4. Safety: all movements invented by Mother Nature, with the right technique, are the safest.

– 5. Work is possible in a group (10-15 people), a mini-group (5-6 people) and individually.

– 6. The competitive spirit helps in improving the effectiveness of training (people are ready to “die” for points).

– 7. Acquaintance with a large number of movements (gymnastics, TA, submarines, etc.).

– 8. After each training session, a powerful release of endorphins follows 🙂

– 9. Functionality and endurance of the body. Moreover, a beautiful athletic body is a pleasant bonus to the fact that you really will become “stronger, higher, faster.”

But most importantly, CrossFit is the whole community! Daily posted on the network training programs, nutrition articles, videos on the technique of performing exercises and much, much more! Adaptation options for loads for any occasion and a minimum of equipment – you no longer need a gym. Practice at home, on a camping trip, in the country, on vacation, anywhere! CrossFit is good because everyone who WANTS to train WILL BE able to train anywhere and with any set of equipment.

Thousands of people around the world follow daily published exercises, and this helps them to stand out and reach a new level in solving combat tasks, in the ring, in stadiums, in gyms, and in everyday life.

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