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Bring this stretching device to your home and say goodbye to lower back pain that promotes inefficiency in work and bad posture.

Do you find that after a hectic day at office when you arrive home, you experience ache on your lower back portion of your body.

Or standing in front of a mirror makes you feel miserable because of the posture that your body has attained.

Whether it’s a workplace or home, people often prefer to find ease in their life.

However, Sooner or later in our lives, most of us experience certain health issues. 

Do you find that after a hectic day at the office when you arrive home, you experience ache on your lower back portion of your body?

Or standing in front of a mirror makes you feel miserable because of the posture that your body has attained?

Are mornings no longer refreshing?. It is quite a common health issue as there are a number of things that are associated.

Regardless of whether it is the consequence of a physical problem, a degenerative condition, or simply a side effect of sedentary lifestyle.

In some cases, it might be a symptom of an underlying condition, such as kidney stones or fibromyalgia, it is quite possible that it is truly disabling, nevertheless it is only for the moment.

 The cases that are crucial and  require immediate attention are dealt with medications and medical procedures , however, for less extreme conditions, a back stretcher device can often help. 

A stretcher lengthens the spine and relieves the excessive pressure from the spinal discs. 

Using the stretcher will give you a correct posture that you deserve so that you begin to live a life full of improvements both physically and mentally. 

What exactly are we referring to?

Back Stretcher device

The back stretcher device by PONNLE is a compact lightweight multi-level back stretching device that helps you relax and immediately relieves back pain caused by tight muscles, excessive flexion, and poor spinal alignment. 

These causes also lead to a condition where they start to develop incorrect or bad posture. 

Regardless of the cause, this stretching device can help to reduce the pain and strengthen the muscles in your lower back so that you attain the correct posture.


 How does it work?


“Worth the money paid i believe, using its since four days specially in office sitting, i feel relax and fresh. Well designed. I must say it’s a strong make material, will definitely last long for years. Nicely packed with instructions on package. Overall good.” — Laila Mascara

The lower back stretcher has 10 magnetic points and 88 plastic needles, it has the ability to  bring acupuncture effects by pressing deeply on specific back points.

The entire function and process works in such a way that it starts to promote blood circulation and massage muscles.

When you  lie on the back using the backrest, the stretcher uses the gravity traction and opens the lumbar intervertebral space to retract the lumbar disc herniation point,

reduce nerve compression and relieve pain, and correct postural imbalance.

“This works great! My wife had a lot of lower back pain and nothing seemed to help. We tried this and she said she could feel as her back went back into alignment. Amazing little device.” — Animesh Rao

How to use it?

Using the stretcher is very easy. All you need to do is simply lie on the back stretching device, your body will start to stretch outwards and upwards and the surrounding muscles will begin to relax.

 It will allow your back to stretch enough to get the inflammation down to let your back heal. 

You will feel amazing if you try the different stretches outlined in the directions they give you using twice a day for as little as five minutes per session is typically all it takes to get results,

however it may take some time before you are completely torment free, depending on your condition.  

Where can you use it?

The structure and its design is so ergonomic that the back massager and stretcher fit for most people and can be accessed from places where you wish to take it. 

It can be used on bed, floor, or chair, car seat, etc.

The bed and floor uses the same phenomenon, your body will start to stretch outwards and upwards and the surrounding muscles will begin to relax.

Placing on a chair to help correct sitting or relaxing posture

Even  on a car seat to support lumbar and relieve fatigue and ache

“Was doing physio and they recommended something like this. Of course, they would one for sale for 100$. This product was less than half that and comes in two pieces so it is great if you have to travel a lot..” — Jhon Steeve

Considerations when choosing back stretchers

Back issues

Before you choose a back stretcher, it’s important to consider your specific back issues. 

A stretcher can usually help stretch the lower, middle, and upper back depending on the ideal area where you wish to use, but it’s difficult to predict that it can necessarily treat all types of back pain. 

On a significant note, Back stretchers aren’t FDA-approved, so you should constantly consult with your primary care physician to ensure that a stretcher is an appropriate treatment for your specific problem.

 In general, a back stretcher can be effective for treating back pain associated with:

Bulging discs Degenerated discs Pinched nerves Arthritis Scoliosis Sciatica


A back stretcher typically features one of two design types. Some have a flat, fixed base with a flexible band that forms an arch. 

Some arches are padded while others are not. You can find some models with a removable pad. 

This type of stretcher is adjustable because the arch is flexible, so it can be moved along slots to change the amount of stretching it does.

Other back stretchers only feature a single piece that’s made of foam and shaped like a half-cylinder. You can’t adjust the stretcher, but it’s often textured for added stimulation.

Weight limit

Back stretchers are usually made of either wood or plastic, so they’re sturdy and durable. 

No matter how sturdy they are, they have a weight limit so you know exactly how much stress they can take.

 If you’re fairly light, a 200-pound weight limit is usually fine. For men and larger people, opt for a 300-pound weight limit to be safe.


Arch angle

Back stretchers can feature a variety of archangels, which determines how deep a stretch they provide.

A steep arch of 50 degrees provides a deep stretch, while a stretcher with an arch of 15 degrees lightly stretches your back.

You can also find stretchers with more moderate arches if you prefer a medium stretch.

Some back stretchers are also adjustable, so you’re able to choose from several arch options as your needs change.

Acupressure and massage

Some back stretchers don’t just stretch the back, they feature a textured surface with soft, rubbery spikes that help stimulate your back while it’s stretched.

Some claim to offer acupressure therapy by focusing on specific areas of the back that are believed to release pain-relieving energy.

A few back stretchers also have a massage function that provides vibrations that massage your back while you stretch it.

These orthopedic stretchers are usually the most expensive and require batteries for operation.

Ease of assembly

A one-piece back stretcher doesn’t require any assembly, so you can start stretching your back as soon as you take it out of the box.

A two-piece stretcher requires some assembly, though in most cases it only takes a few minutes to put together.


You can expect to spend between $20 and $100 on a back stretcher. Most orthopedic stretchers go for $30 to $40 and feature padding, acupressure spikes, and an adjustable angle.

If you want an option with a massage function, you likely have to pay $50 or more.



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