9 Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands and Feet Reviewed

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If you have hyperhidrosis and looking for the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet, then you are stuck with the right article. In this post, we covered yoga mats for people who are suffering from hyperhidrosis and for any yoga aspirants.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this article will help you to buy the best for you according to your budget. We all know that practicing yoga is beneficial for health and the mind. Yoga mats are used to prevent hands and feet from slipping during practice. It helps you to maintain your alignment while moving from one pose to another. 

Whether you are a newbie to yoga or a seasoned yoga expert, a good-quality yoga mat is a useful tool that can enhance your performance and postures.

A yoga mat is an essential tool for everyone to have proper traction and cushion and reduce stress on their joints.

It also increases your stability and prevents you from slipping when your body gets sweaty, but when it comes to choosing a yoga mat, you must have a clear idea of your priorities and choose a mat that suits your requirements.

So if you are interested in buying one, we can help you pick one of the best available in the market today.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands and feet Recommendations

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This liquid balance mat by Clever Yoga offers unbeatable and non-slip performance, so you can focus on the poses without worrying about slipping. The thin polyurethane top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture for a strong grip and slip-free surface. It can be used as a pilates mat for hot yoga or meditation.

This premium mat is perfect for beginners as well as for experienced yogis. The Liquid Balance wide yoga mat is the optimal combination of cushioning and stability.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
sweatproof yoga mat

Clever Yoga Set Kit 7-Piece 1 exercise Mat

Getting started with yoga has never been simpler with the Clever Yoga 7-Piece Starter Kit. This essential set has all the tools necessary to master the basic skills and improve your yoga practice. This is the best-selling kit from Clever Yoga.

The 6mm cushion comfortably supports wrists, shoulders, back, knees, and ankles. The double-sided texture prevents slipping and sliding so you can work out in comfort and confidence. Using a strap can help you get into positions safely and hold poses when you are still developing your flexibility. It also helps increase range of motion and lengthen and align your stretches.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
non-slip yoga mat

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Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Yoga mats are durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats that are extra thick for the additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine. It features a textured sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip and a stylish design to keep you motivated and focused. This mat also ensures the safety and comfort you need to enhance proper alignment and maintain poses, and the additional cushioning helps to protect joints.

This mat is made from a latex-free PVC that is non-toxic and excludes the six of the lattes that are harmful to people and the earth. Furthermore, it measures 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. Another advantage is that you can spot clean using a damp cloth and mild detergent dry flat.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
yoga mat for hyperhidrosis

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

The Jade harmony mat provides a superior level of traction. It uses natural rubber, which has a much firmer grip and more cushion than any of the market’s synthetic rubbers. The 3/16 inch thickness provides excellent traction cushion and stability for standing poses. It’s the perfect mat for every occasion for any activity at any level.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
jade harmony yoga mat

This mat is designed to utilize only high-quality materials to ensure outstanding performances and long-lasting products. It has a type of reliable traction that is essential for stability and to safely maintain poses anything from warrior one or downward dog to extended side angle pose or plank.

The strap in place, slip it over your shoulder for gym bag style carrying the strap provides secure storage and easy transport from home to the yoga studio or fitness club and back again.

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Hugger Mugger para Rubber XL Yoga Mat

The Hugger-Mugger para rubber Excel yoga mat is a dream come true for anyone seeking a practice space that is longer, wider, and maintains the creamy grippy rubber texture.

It has a natural surface with a cool variegated pattern equally grippy on both sides providing extra stability and a more connected feeling to your practice.

Its excellent, stable, and dense cushioning is ideal for power yoga vinyasa flow or any yoga practice that is enhanced by a grippy surface. Each side provides a different grippy texture making it excellent for any practice that’s enhanced by grip or cushion.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
sweatproof exercise mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat

The BalanceFrom Go Yoga Mat comes 71 inches long 24 inches wide, which ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. With high-density foam material, the half-inch thick premium mat comfortably cushioned the spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
sweatproof yoga mat

This double-sided non-slip surface of this all-purpose premium exercise yoga mat comes with an excellent slip-resistant advantage to prevent injuries.

Its exceptional resilience allows you to keep your balance during any exercise style. It is also equipped with a moisture-resistant technology that makes the mat be easily washed with soap and water. The natural strapping and lightweight features are added to this mat for easy transport and storage.

The Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat

The Aurorae synergy yoga mat is a unique super deluxe non-slip yoga mat towel bonds are five millimeters per yoga mat with our lush ultra-absorbent non-slip microfiber towel. It is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. This lush slip-free microfiber towel is the top surface with the 5 millimeter/yoga mat as the bottom surface; thus, it ensures no bunching or movement of your yoga towel while you practice.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet

Plus, the 5-millimeter thickness for comfort and stability to protect your joint. Furthermore, for best results lightly, spray the top of your mat with water before use if necessary. Additionally, it is better to eliminate the bunching or movement of your yoga towel while you practice.

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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

With an ultra-dense and enormous performance grip, the Manduka Pro has unmatched comfort and cushioning, surpassing industry standards at 6 millimeters. Its ultra-dense cushioning helps protect joints while providing a stable practice surface; it is also constructed to prevent sweat, dirt, and bacteria from absorbing into the mat surface and core, making cleaning a breeze.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
non-slip yoga mat

Plus, the density of the Pro Series brings extra stability while cushioning and protecting your joints. Moreover, it has a proprietary dot pattern that holds the mat in place while a uniquely formulated material improves grip with every use.

You can keep your mat in the best condition by wiping it down after every practice. With Manduka all-purpose mat wash, it’s specially formulated to clean your mat without damaging the surface or causing slippage.

Gaiam Performance Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

Gaiam sol dry grip yoga mat ensures you stay secure and slip-free. It is constructed from PVC material. This mat seals out germs, odor, and bacteria and is ideal for those with latex sensitivities. This mat is created with a topcoat that promises to wick away moisture and provide a better grip as temperatures in the class rise.

Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty hands and feet
sweat yoga mat

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Best Yoga Mats FAQs

How do I stop my hands and feet from sweating during yoga?

It is not uncommon to have sweaty palms and feet during yoga. Thankfully you can avoid this problem by wearing socks, gloves, or both on your hands and feet respectively when practicing– just make sure it matches the color of your outfit.

How do I stop my feet from sweating during yoga?

Sweat-absorbing towels are an essential item in any yoga set. One side of the towel features nubby bits that grip your mat so they stay put when you stand on them, unlike a bath towel which will slide around as soon as it gets wet and slippery. To use a Yoga Towel: lay the towel down over your mat and spritz with water to initiate its gripping quality for hands or feet; even while sweating during class, these towels should keep you solid in all poses.

Do yoga mats absorb sweat?

The Yoga Design Lab combo mat is so rippable that it becomes even more of a dream with sweat. It’s great for hot yoga, Bikram and Pilates because the bottom layer cushions your body while keeping you cool on top thanks to its natural tree rubber material made from recycled bottles.

What should I look for when buying a yoga mat?

Buy yoga mats with textured surfaces to maintain better grip when the poses get more strenuous. Thick or thin, there are plenty of types that offer different benefits for various styles and levels of practice — from therapeutic practices to restorative ones. For those who enjoy short-hold postures like in restorative Yoga, a mat without excessive cushioning may be best so you can sink deeper into your stretches; however, if these same people tried longer holds they would need some extra support – which is why thick but soft mats help provide just enough padding where needed most.

Which side of yoga mat is up?

The right side of your mat is usually the one with more pronounced bumps. The exception to this rule are mats that feature a microfiber, towel-like side, and a classic nubby, rubbery side.

How much does a good yoga mat cost?

A good price range is anywhere from $50 to $100 and if you want an expensive mat, they may come with perks like quality guarantees or easy replacements. Angela Leigh says that’s the case at her studio in New York City where mats can be as pricey as a thousand dollars depending on what type of benefits are attached.

Should a yoga mat be sticky?

Yoga mats are created to be sticky so that you can hold your poses without slipping. However, scrubbing or cleaning the mat too hard and long will remove its stickiness which defeats the purpose of owning one in the first place.

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