10 CrossFit Back Workouts That will Strengthen Your Back

One way to get a stronger upper back is through doing Crossfit back workouts. Crossfit is an athletic fitness training technique wherein different athletic movements are combined and performed at extremely high intensity in a timed exercise. Crossfit back training is basically a series of different activities designed to enhance the back muscle. It is … Read more

10 Aerobic Exercise Examples: At Home, at Gym, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Hey, what’s up Rowdies? today is wellness Tuesday and I’m going to talk to you about aerobic exercise examples so let’s begin today’s post by understanding what exactly are aerobic exercises. What are Aerobic Exercises? Aerobic exercises are basically and format of physical exercises that range from low to high intensity and that can be … Read more

The Foam Roller Fitness Workout for Maximum Strength & Flexibility (2021 Guide)

For everyone from the active and agile to the sedentary and tense, rollers and other exercise tools can counteract the negative effect of an eight-hour day sitting down, a double shift standing on your feet, or 10 miles logged as you train. Using a foam roller increases flexibility promotes healing after injury, improves the alignment … Read more

What weight boxing gloves do professionals use?

Weight boxing is an extremely popular sport, but just as importantly it’s a dangerous one. Professional boxers are able to defend themselves against attacks in the ring, but what can you do if your opponent is too big or powerful for you? For example, a professional boxer might use weigh boxing gloves, which are specifically … Read more

How Many Calories Are Burned By Kettlebell Swings? 2021 Guide

So many people are asking the same question as to how many calories are burned by kettlebell swings. This article will provide a bit of an overview of the subject. In particular, I will look at how kettlebell swings can help you burn calories in the most effective manner possible. How Many Calories Are Burned … Read more

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