Can Fitness Trackers accurately measure blood pressure?

Most people ask can Fitness Trackers accurately measure blood pressure? You’ll get the answer in this article. Can Fitness Trackers accurately measure blood pressure? When you want to know how much you can gauge your blood pressure with a fitness tracker, it may be a good idea to know more about the accuracy of fitness … Read more

How To Inflate Exercise Ball Without Using Any Pumps – 7 Simple Ways To Inflate Your Exercise Ball

If you are looking for ways on how to inflate an exercise ball without using any pump, you have come to the right place. Most people have tried this and found it very convenient as it helps them do more exercise without pumping. Read on to discover some of the unique methods on how to … Read more

How to Strengthening the muscle of the chest and core

Strengthening the muscle of chest 1. Bend your arms at the elbows, spread your elbows and connect your palms to chest levels. Squeeze your hands together sharply, then relax your hands. Repeat 20 times. 2. Raise your arms above your head, then lower them to chest level. Raise and lower your straightened arms 10 times. … Read more

Types Of Push-ups and Techniques 2020

Push-ups are an excellent exercise, in which almost all the muscles of the body participate. The benefits of push-ups from the floor: Pushups from the floor are often called “bench press vice versa.” This is an excellent physical exercise that develops the front deltoid muscles, triceps and pectoral muscles, that is, in fact, the same … Read more

All About CrossFit 2020

All About CrossFit What is Crossfit? CrossFit is a general physical training program that includes gymnastics, weightlifting, weight training, plyometrics, running, rowing and aiming projectiles. CrossFit is a program built on constantly varying functional movements performed with high intensity. CrossFit’s goal is the physical development of an athlete in ten areas, such as: – The … Read more

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