The Ultimate Guide to Gym Equipment Names: Brands, Uses, Price & More [2021]

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Gym Equipment As a personal trainer, I get asked a lot about the different gym equipment names and what the names mean. So I thought I would write a blog post to give some information. I will be going over some brands and what they specialize in, some names of the equipment, and the price.

A lot of people sport around in the gym, but many don’t know all the names of the equipment they’re using. Get to know the names of the different equipment in this guide. This article will break down the different brands of gym equipment, their names, uses, and the price.

This article is an overview of the most popular types of gym equipment. It is broken into three different sections. The first section is an overview of the different types of gym equipment names based on different uses. The second section is a list of the top brands of gym equipment. The third section is a list of the most popular gym equipment FAQs.

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Gym Equipment Names with Photos

Cardiovascular machines:

Cardiovascular machines are pieces of gym equipment. The types of Cardiovascular machines include elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, stair steppers, treadmills, rowing machines, ski machines, and cross-country skiing machines.

Cardiovascular machines are designed to help improve your cardiovascular fitness. You can use Cardiovascular machines to improve your endurance, burn calories, and reduce your body fat. Cardiovascular machines are a great way for a variety of users to achieve a wide range of fitness goals.

1. The treadmill (aka running machine): 


A treadmill is an exercise machine that is used to imitate the movements of jogging or running without actually going outside. The user can control the speed and inclination of the treadmill, and the machine will move accordingly. Treadmills are very popular in gyms.  It mainly works on the lower body muscles.

What areas / muscles does a treadmill work?

The muscles of a treadmill exercise will involve the usage of the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, gastrocnemius, erector spine, and calves. Some other muscles that will be involved in a treadmill workout are the trapezius, rhomboid, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, biceps brachii, and triceps brachii.

What can I do with a treadmill?

A treadmill can be used at home for walking, jogging, exercising, physical therapy, or other activities. It is also used in many commercial settings, including physical rehabilitation clinics, fitness centers, aerobic training or exercise facilities, and hotels.

How much does a treadmill cost?

Price Range from $300-$3000 depending on how much you want to spend.

What is the best treadmill?

Our Recommendation: NordicTrack Commercial Series

How to use a treadmill:

How to use a treadmill

2- Rowing machine (aka rower)

rowing machine

A rowing machine is a piece of gym equipment that works the upper body. It’s an effective exercise for people who want to improve their strength and stamina, and it also increases muscle mass. A rowing machine is a popular cardio machine that helps you to work out at low impact. This is relatively the cheapest cardio machine if you compare it to cross-trainers, treadmills, ellipticals, etc. Apart from the obvious cardio benefit, it also tones your arms, abs, and legs. You can use it with resistance. A rowing machine at home is a great way to save money on gym fees!

What areas / muscles does a rowing machine work?

Rowing machines work the back and the biceps, and they also train the quadriceps and the calf muscles. It mainly helps you lose weight and get ripped as it is a cardio machine. The correct form and posture you maintain while rowing will help you get a flat belly and strong back and arms. If you do not know the correct way to use the rowing machine then seek help from a fitness expert or read an instruction manual that comes with the machine.

What can I do with a rowing machine?

While a rowing machine can be used to build endurance and burn fat, it can also be used to build upper-body strength. If your goal is to build muscles in your upper body, a rowing machine is a good option.

How much does a rowing machine cost?

Price Range from $200-$2000 depending on how much you want to spend.

Where can I buy a rowing machine?

On Amazon

What is the best rowing machine?

Our Recommendation: Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

How to use a rowing machine:

How to use a rowing machine

3- Elliptical machine (aka cross-trainer):

elliptical machine

Elliptical machines are a type of cardio machine.  It is aerobic exercise equipment that is used for cross-training, strength training, and conditioning.  It provides a low-impact exercise on the joints of the body especially the knees and hips which are vulnerable to high-impact activities. I am assuming you are interested in its muscle-building capabilities. The machine basically works the glutes and the quads.  Moving the arms and the upper body also adds to the calorie-burning effect of the exercise. The elliptical machine is one the best cardio machines for fat burning, especially during low-impact workouts.  Also, it is quite effective for toning and strengthening the upper and lower body muscles.

What areas / muscles does an elliptical machine work?

It works all the major muscle groups including quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, abdominals, shoulders, and arms. Additionally, elliptical machines work for similar muscle groups as running, but without the stress on the knees and joints. However, if you want to lose weight and get fit, you need to focus on high-intensity interval training such as rowing.

What can I do with an elliptical machine?

The Ellipticals provide a convenient way for you to maintain your fitness. You can work on different parts of your lower body by tweaking the resistance settings or add varied intensity through interval training if that’s what you’re looking for.

How much does an elliptical machine cost?

Price Range from $300-$3000 depending on how much you want to spend.

Where can I buy an elliptical machine?

On Amazon

What is the best elliptical machine?

Our Recommendation: Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

How to use an elliptical machine:

How to use an elliptical machine

4- Upright bike (aka stationary bike / indoor bike)

upright bike

An upright bike is a cardio machine that places your body in a position similar to that of a bicycle. It has handles and a console for the readout of the user’s heart rate and other workout details. It is a low-impact machine and is considered a great alternative to running and jogging for those with joint problems or knee and ankle injuries. This machine is beneficial for those with congenital and acquired issues like obesity, back problems, arthritis, and heart ailments, as it gives a low-impact and high-intensity workout.

What areas / muscles does an upright bike work?

Since an upright bike is a cardiovascular exercise bike, it works with different parts of the body. But the main target for this bike is your lower body. You can improve your cardiovascular activity, burn fat and build a pair of toned legs. If you want a cardio machine to target your upper body, then the recumbent bike is the right choice for you.

What can I do with an upright bike?

You can get a fantastic lower body workout just by adding some resistance and performing any kind of cardio you prefer to do! This proves to be a great exercise for shaping up all areas of the legs and ultimately your entire physique.

How much does an upright bike cost?

Price Range from $150-$1500 depending on how much you want to spend.

Where can I buy an upright bike?

On Amazon

What is the best upright bike?

Our Recommendation: Schwinn Upright Series Bike – 170 model

How to use an upright bike:

How to use an upright bike

5- Stair mill (aka stair climber)

stair climber

The stair mill is one of the most useful cardio machines in the gym. Although not the most exciting, the stair mill is the perfect piece of equipment for burning fat. The stair mill works your legs, calves, hips, triceps, abdominals, and shoulders. If you are new to this machine, you should start with a medium speed of 6-7. Once you get used to it, you can increase the speed to 7-8.

What areas / muscles does a stair mill work?

When using a stair climber you are using your lower body (especially your hamstrings and glutes) to push up the weight of the machine, which is your body. Because of this fact, this is why you can get cardio results on a stair climber.

What can I do with a stair mill?

You can use stair mills to perform either steady-state or interval exercises with an emphasis on your calves and glutes.

How much does a stair mill cost?

Price Range from $2500-$10000 depending on how much you want to spend.

Where can I buy a stair mill?

On Amazon

What is the best stair mill?

Our Recommendation: StairMaster SM3 StepMill

How to use a stair mill:

How to use a stair mill

6- Recumbent exercise bike

recumbent bike

A recumbent exercise bike is very useful for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. It is not only an exercise machine that is easy on the joints but it is also used for burning calories. You can burn between 250 and 300 calories in 30 minutes of use. Using an exercise bike can be super fun and healthy, there is nothing like the fresh air while working out. You can also try to challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty level.

What areas / muscles does a recumbent exercise bike work?

A recumbent exercise bike will help you build your leg muscles by working both the backs of your legs and your lungs.

What can I do with a recumbent exercise bike?

There are many types of exercise you can do on a recumbent bike that includes steady state, interval, and performance-based cardiovascular activity. A recumbent bike uses your body weight for resistance.

How much does a recumbent exercise bike cost?

Price Range from $300-$3000 depending on how much you want to spend.

Where can I buy a recumbent exercise bike?

On Amazon

What is the best recumbent exercise bike?

Our Recommendation: Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

How to use a recumbent exercise bike:

How to use a recumbent bike

7- Spin bike (aka spinning bike/spinner / indoor cycle)

spin bike

A spin bike is a machine that was originally designed to help people lose weight and maintain a good posture. It is a large-sized device with a heavy flywheel to simulate a road bike. These machines are a little different from the conventional exercise bike, they have additional features such as levelers, handlebar positioners, and resistance.

What areas / muscles does a spin bike work?

Spinners give you the most versatility when it comes to cardio equipment as the machines allow riders to stand higher in the saddle and pedals can be spaced farther apart to support people who aren’t as flexible or want a more efficient workout.

What can I do with a spin bike?

If using a spinning bike has always appealed to you for cardio, then your joints are safe in the knowledge that it’s low impact.

How much does a spin bike cost?

Price Range from $150-$1500 depending on how much you want to spend.

Where can I buy a spin bike?

On Amazon

What is the best spin bike?

Our Recommendation: YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

How to use a spin bike:

How to use a spin bike

Resistance Machines

Resistance machines are also known as weight machines. They are one of the most commonly used gym equipment and are often considered to be low impact and safer than free weights. They come in three different forms: Vertical, Horizontal, and Combined. Vertical machines, like the lat pulldown and chest press, work for the major muscle groups, while the horizontal machine, like the leg press or seated row, work the smaller muscles of the body such as the thighs and the back. Combined machines such as the leg extension and leg curl work both the larger and smaller muscles.

1- Leg press machine

Leg press machine

A leg press machine is a resistance machine used to exercise the muscles of the lower body. It is typically a squatting movement, as the legs move forward. It is a good method for strengthening leg muscles, especially the quadriceps, but can lead to other muscles being strengthened as well.

What areas / muscles does the leg press machine work?

Lower body leg presses are great at targeting all the muscles of the lower body including the thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and calves with different foot positions yielding a different area being prioritized at once.

What can I do with a leg press machine?

You can effectively and safely target any muscle in the lower body without risking injuring yourself. If you’re targeting your calves directly, try inserting a foot-wide stance to give your quads an even workout.

How much does a leg press machine cost?

Price Range from $1000-$7000 depending on how much you want to spend.

Where can I buy a leg press machine?

On Amazon

What is the best leg press machine?

Our Recommendation: Bodycraft F660 Leg Press/Hip Sled

How to use a leg press:

how to use a leg press

2- Hack squat machine

hack squat machine

A hack squat machine is a weight training machine used primarily for strengthening the lower back and legs. The hack machine gets its name from the fact that the machine resembles a horse’s hack, and it is primarily used for hacking and other similar movements. The hack squat machine is primarily used for strengthening the quadriceps and the muscle tissue of the glutes. One of the main benefits of the machine is that it requires little free space, and can be placed in a corner. The hack machine can also be used as a calf machine as well as fit for performing triceps kickbacks.

What areas / muscles does a hack squat machine work?

You can effectively target every leg muscle by differentiating your foot position. The quadriceps are primarily targeted, but you should also consider targeting the hamstring and calves with it as well!

What can I do with a hack squat machine?

You can work out the front and back of your leg muscles with a hack squat machine by elevating either one’s feet or sitting upright.

How much does a hack squat machine cost?

Price Range from $1000-$3000 depending on how much you want to spend.

Where can I buy a hack squat machine?

On Amazon

What is the best hack squat machine?

Our Recommendation: Body-Solid GLPH1100

How to use a hack squat machine:

How to use a hack squat machine

Top 17 Gym Equipment Brands in the World

  • Paramount
  • Life Fitness
  • True
  • Cybex International
  • Star Trac
  • Precor
  • StairMaster
  • Hammer Strength
  • Sunsai
  • Syndicate
  • Body Solid
  • Steel Flex
  • Fitness
  • SF HealthTech
  • Zoopfitness
  • StairMaster
  • The Verdict


  • How to use gym equipment?

    1: first, first warm-up: running and stretching can be used as a warm-up.
    2: During the exercise, the maximum number of repetitions and the minimum number of repetitions should be set, and the optimal exercise time should be followed.
    3: between the exercises, the muscle should be restored to its optimal state, and the inter-rest interval should be used to relax the muscle.
    4: the optimal repetition number and the repetition number of the last set should be matched to their own physical conditions.

  • What equipment to use at the gym to lose belly fat?

    The top 9 gym equipment to lose belly fat:

    Ab Roller
    BOSU ball
    Medicine ball
    A treadmill
    A bicycle
    An exercise ball
    A punching bag
    A skipping rope

  • How to clean gym equipment?

    Moisten the area with the cleaning product. Allow the surface to rest for ten minutes. If you are dealing with stubborn areas, use a toothbrush or moistened cloth to get into crevices. Use a spray bottle to apply water to large areas of rubber, plastic, or leather. Allow the surface to soak for five minutes before scrubbing the stubborn areas. Rinse the surface with clear water. Allow the surface to air dry, away from direct sunlight.

  • How much does gym equipment cost?

    The price of gym equipment varies depending on how new or used the equipment is. The new equipment actually varies in price depending on the type, the brand, the features included, etc. Most of the equipment costs between $200-$3000.

  • How to protect outdoor gym equipment?

    The best solution is to use coatings that protect against weather and damage. Additionally, again preventing weather and damage is a good choice for a parking surface.
    Large machine pads are a good option for protecting machine pads from damage.

  • How to decorate around home gym equipment?

    One of the most selected ideas to use in home gyms is wooden floors. Not only are they great for the environment but also look very clean and refreshing. Funky wooden floors are typically designed using wood of differing colors, stains, and sizes.

  • How to use gym equipment for beginners?

    The most important thing is to enjoy whatever you choose to do while you’re at the gym. If you’re just starting out, that might mean using the equipment while you’re holding on to another piece of equipment, like the machine you’re using for dips, while you’re doing a set and then releasing and relaxing between sets.

    When you feel more comfortable with your weight and stamina, maybe try reducing your hold on the other piece of equipment and eventually dropping off entirely, but only if it feels comfortable.
    Starting out with weight training may be intimidating, but once you get yourself there, make sure you get plenty of help from the people at the gym.

Final Words:

We all know the importance of exercise and staying fit, but it can be hard for some to figure out what they need and how much it costs. This guide will help you navigate the world of gym equipment and choose the best for your needs.

If you find this post helpful, do share it with your friends and family. We will really appreciate it!

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