10 Best Low Price Smartwatch in 2021 that won’t break your bank

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Ok, as the title suggests, below we will be talking about the top 10 low price smartwatches. Now I know what may be going on in your heads right now and that is if these are low-cost smartwatches then why am I buying them from a web blog? 

Some may think that you can find better deals from other websites. Well, you’re not wrong as well. There are tons of uses of this low-cost smartwatch but I should warn you beforehand that what we are going to discuss below is only the best brands so there is no worry regarding the quality.

For a healthy and active lifestyle, daily exercises are crucial and in order to track your fitness and activities, you need to have a smartwatch that will give you deep insights of your health and body.

In order to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and finding a good quality smartwatch at an affordable price is quite challenging.

10 Best Low Price Smartwatch 2021

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Virmee VT3 Plus Smart Watch

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Be more dynamic in your workout sessions and stay more active with the Virmee VT3, a smartwatch that offers advanced fitness models and real-time activity tracking features to fulfill all your fitness goals.

With its 1.5-inch HD touchscreen display, it lets you see your watch on a bright sunny day and allows you to understand your health and sports data pretty easily.

You can also customize the watch face to match your personality. It offers the companion Virmee mobile app and through it, you can monitor your real-time heart rate, blood oxygen, step count, calories burnt, and more so you can stay fit and healthy and do your workouts more precisely.

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To help you train efficiently and fit, it features 18 different exercise modes that can record your real-time exercise data like running, swimming, sit-ups, rope jump, and many more which will keep your body and workout session in check mindlessly every day.

It also helps you keep track of your sleep data and bring you to more scientific sleep habits to ensure you get the best energizing sleep. 

This fitness smartwatch doesn’t stop here as it also enables you to hang up incoming phone calls at hand and gives you call and message instant notifications as well as calendar alerts making it an all-around smartwatch that can serve almost every aspect of your daily activities pretty easily.

This smartwatch also offers a bunch of new features including an alarm clock, compass, stopwatch, timer, and camera control so you never catch short of any functions on your single every day on the go.

Designed with an IP68 waterproof rating, this smartwatch lets you dive underwater or use it in any wet conditions without any trouble.

Packed with a 300 milliamp-hour battery, it offers 15 days of standby mode and you can use it up to 7 days in the typical usage scenario without any problem.

It also comes with a USB magnetic charging cable which lets you recharge your smartwatch battery effortlessly.

Overall with the perfect blend of tons of exercise modes, real-time activity-tracking feature, and long-lasting battery life the Virmee VT3 smartwatch lets you trade harder and achieve your goal in a breeze.

Haylou Solar Smart Watch

best cheap smartwatch

The Haylou Solar is an attractive wearable smartwatch with a solid screen frame and long-lasting battery life all under an affordable price range.

It offers a 1.28 inch TFT touch display that has pretty good viewing angles and brightness levels to see your essential information clearly even on a bright sunny day.

Regarding its fitness aspect, it offers 12 sports modes that you can switch between while working out, rowing, swimming, and many other sports activities.

It features an optical heart rate sensor that can monitor your heartbeat and movement data. On the other hand, its size sleeping management monitor can help you with your sleep pattern and overall health.

It can also receive your calls, texts, calendar alerts, and app notifications as well as ring your phone when it is nearby.

With an IP68 certification, it packs a 340 milliamp-hour battery that will last for an astounding 30 days on a single charge which is pretty huge compared to others found in the market.

Realme Watch

best budget smartwatch

Maintain your health and be more stylish with the Realme watch which is basically a fitness tracker in a smartwatch body that does a solid enough job in all aspects when considering a smartwatch.

Combined with a large 1.4-inch touchscreen and a high-resolution screen, this watch shows vivid and bright visuals even on a sunny day.

If we talk about activity features, it has got 14 sports modes with which you will easily meet all your workout goals and like most high-end smartwatches.

It also features SP02 which monitors your blood oxygen saturation level intelligently to avoid health problems in the long run.

With 12 exquisite watch faces built, it will also give you the option to download an additional 20 watch faces from the realme link to the mobile app to provide you with a fresh look every time you power on your watch.

With IP68 water-resistant rating, this watch is loaded with a 160 milliamp-hour battery that can give you more than a week’s worth of battery life on a full charge.

Polar M200 GPS Running Watch

stylish cheap smartwatch

The Polar M200 is an affordable running smartwatch and easy to use with serious retro looks that offer enhanced sports profiles to accurately guide every step of the way.

The m200 sports a relatively large circular LED dot matrix display which gives the watch a retro trendy aesthetic.

With its integrated GPS, you can put yourself on the map, track your speed, distance, route, and much more.

You can also track your activity, analyze your progress and achieve more with the polar flow mobile app that is synced to your smartwatch.

This affordable smartwatch also provides you with over a hundred different sports profiles that enable you to plan your workouts and choose the right training sessions more efficiently.

It also has other smartwatch features like receiving calls, your important notifications right on your watch without taking out your phone. Its 180 milliamp-hour battery will get you up to 6 days with all features turned on 24*7.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

best cost efficient smartwatch

The latest Xiaomi Mi watch Lite, a smartwatch that is affordable yet feels very premium and packs all the necessary features in a mini body.

It features a 1.4 inch TFT color touch display that can show all your necessary information while it’s 120 plus themed watch faces but satisfy your ever-changing style.

It offers 11 different workout modes such as running, swimming, tracking, cycling, and more in order to improve your workout goals and have the result of your exercise.

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With its GPS with GLONASS positioning and multiple smart sensors, you can accurately track your trajectory speed, distance, calories burnt, and more to get a clear picture of your workout status.

This watch records your daily heart rate exercise and sleeping data making sure that you are well informed of your health condition.

With a 5 atm water-resistant rating, it is stocked with a 230 milliamp-hour battery that will last for up to nine days pretty easily.

Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch

best smartwatches for a good price

The Withings Steel HR Hybrid smartwatch offers a decent level of workout features and a simple-looking interface all under a cost-effective price tag.

It might look like a traditional analog watch but the small circular LED display on the face is where it shows all your fitness and notification info.

When connected to the health mate app you will get a detailed breakdown of your activities accurate workout, duration, calories burnt, heart rate, and much more.

If we talk about its fitness features, it offers over 30 sports modes that you can easily activate right on your wrist with ease, and with its GPS, you will be able to map your session and track distance, elevation, and pace pretty easily.

It has got a powerful battery that can last for up to a huge 25 days straight meaning you will be able to spend more time moving and less time charging and with a water resistance of up to 50 meters this watch is waterproof and swim-ready so that you can use it in any situation with peace of mind.

Fitbit Versa 2

best affordable smart watches

Transform and elevate your day with the Fitbit versa 2, the upgraded version of its predecessor that is well known for its built-in Amazon Alexa feature, improved build quality, and better battery life unlike the first-gen the versa 2 now offers a new always-on AMOLED display that is protected by gorilla glass 3 and can provide super vivid visuals even in bright sunny days.

Considering the first thing you see when you raise your wrist is its watch face which can be customized between hundreds of designs from the Fitbit mobile app and thanks to a new processor under the hood the versa 2 is now pretty faster and responsive than the versa one.

To keep tabs on your fitness you simply need to select the exercise app on the watch and choose the type of activity you’re about to indulge in. Additionally, the versa 2 includes built-in amazon Alexa a new silicone strap, and a glass bezel material which makes this watch a great successor to its previous model and like all other Fitbit devices versa 2 also has a pretty decent battery life which will last for about a week on a single charge.

Apple Watch SE

best smart watch in budget

If you are adapted to Apple’s ecosystem and want an affordable smartwatch from apple, then you can check out the latest Apple Watch SE which has got most of the useful features of the series 6 yet offers a quite decent price tag that Apple can offer.

It boasts a more powerful apple’s s5 processor and other better internals such as more ram and storage to make your watch more responsive and faster and with the launch of watch OS 7, you will get advanced features like hand washing, watch face sharing, cycling directions, sleep tracking and much more to help you live a healthier and fitter life.

It also features a second-gen heart rate sensor and always-on autometer and the compass to help track and improve your location accuracy. Regarding the battery life, it offers an all-day run time of up to 18 hours while factoring in things like checking the time, receiving notifications, using the jab, and working out.

Amazfit Bip U Health Fitness Smartwatch

cheap smartwatch with gps

Always keep an eye on your health with the latest Amazfit Bip U which offers all the necessary advanced workout features under an affordable price tag with 50 available watch faces.

It has a square-shaped 1.43 inch HD display that is bright and can show you more information. This smartwatch is equipped with a newly upgraded bio tracker 2 ppg biological optical sensor that can track blood oxygen saturation, stress levels, sleep quality, and much more.

With high precision GPS, it offers more than 60 sports modes including running, walking, cycling, swimming, and more to crush your workout goals entirely.

It can also track natural cycles as well as ovulation periods so that you can stay aware of your calendar and avoid disruptions.

With 50 meters water-resistant rating you can wear this watch for swimming and it will record your underwater achievements and with all these features this watch can last for up to 9 days on a typical usage which is pretty impressive considering its price point.

TicWatch E2

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Experience a fashionable smartwatch that is designed to move you meet the TicWatch E2 from mob boy, a smartwatch that offers a newer chipset and improved battery life over its predecessor.

With its 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with high pixel density, you will experience a bright and colorful screen with a high level of detail to read out your essential info easily.

A key upgrade for the TicWatch E2 over its predecessor is the inclusion of Qualcomm snapdragon 2100 chipset and google’s wear OS 2.0 which will provide the watch with more power and better battery efficiency.

On top of that mob, the boy has included 4 gigabytes of storage in the TicWatch E2 giving you enough space to download a host of apps and music tracks that you desire as far as fitness features go.

There are a built-in GPS and a heart rate monitor which will let you geographically track your location during intense workouts. It also offers a mob boy mobile app with which you can get a detailed breakdown of your workouts with 5 atm waterproofing. 

This watch is now packing a much more improved 450 milliampere-hour battery which can last a decent duration for up to 2 days straight.

Final Words:

So that was our list of the top 10 best budget smartwatches. If you find these cheap smartwatches review helpful then, do share them with your friends and family. We will really appreciate it.

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