9 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gym Rats (2021 Guide)

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What’s going on in Rowdies today’s post is gonna be super amazing because I am gonna guide you about the best valentine’s day gifts for gym rats.

People reach out to me on Instagram and we’re asking hey what to buy someone who loves the gym or for the person who loves working out and probably going to be a guy because that’s the best perspective I can give or maybe that special someone that’s going to be getting into working out and is starting to accumulate a lot of gear.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gym Rats

Valentine's Day Gifts for Gym Rats

The gifts for gym lovers list includes not only posters but also wristbands, bottles of water, energy bars, and even (gulp) T-shirts. Of course, some of these won’t be too much trouble to assemble, and others may require more attention than usual.

Best Gifts for Gym Rats

gifts for gym rats

Premium Athletic/Weightlifting Tape

If you’re looking for a stiffer hold or something more flexible, you should go for the goat tape. I like the element 26 tape and its price points can be around six dollars or more depending on how many rolls of tape you want to get for that person to go through it a lot. It’s not the sexiest gift but it’s something that everyone could use.

valentine's fitness gifts

Pro Olympic Weight Bar Plate Locks

This is something I have in my gym bag right now but it’s barbell collars and there are two varying price points for this one. These gonna hold up and it’s something that anyone could use because the barbell clips that you get at the gym tend to be either springy ones or cheap ones that wear down over a long period of time over a bunch of abuse and use so having your own in your gym bag really helps out when you’re lifting at the gym.

valentine's day for gym lovers

Sports Headbands for Men and Women

They’re just sweatbands and if you’re someone that sweats a lot like me then you should take a look at this. I wear a lot of hats at the gym and I love these sweatbands. They’re premium filling and this is exactly what this company specializes in.

valentine's gifts for bodybuilders

Stance Socks

It’s not the most exciting gift in the world but as we get older our views change. These stane socks are amazing. These socks give you a premium feel and the best thing about them is they stay up on the leg instead of slowly working the way down which is something I experienced with every single sock that I’ve ever had including something like a Nike dry fit.

valentine's gifts for gym guys

Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps

These are the Rogue fitness wrist wraps they’re about 25 and what it is looking for stability or wrist through some heavy lifting or helping out with fatigue.

valentine's day gifts for him

Rehband Rx Fitness Knee Sleeves

There are no sleeves on the market today that I think to perform as well as these. In my view when you’re buying gifts for gym lovers, it’s something that they necessarily wouldn’t want to spend on themselves and if you’ve heard in passing whether or not someone wanted knee sleeves and you got them this I think they would be 100 % happy. They’re just great knee sleeves.

valentine gifts for gym rats

2POOD Straight Weightlifting Belt

What I love about these belts is they’re super simple, if you’re gonna buy a leather belt you could be spending way more. It gets the job done, it’s super versatile and it is right now the trusted belt of the USA Olympic weightlifting team. So if it’s something that they’re going to use I sure as hell could use it too.

fitness gifts for valentine's day

Versa Gripps PRO Authentic

This one’s probably going to be specific to someone who’s getting more gymnastics movement, someone is going to do Crossfit and that’s grips. These are the bear complex grips. They’re okay, they’re fairly inexpensive.

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